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City Professional Diver - Small Tweaks to Make Perfect Watch

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  • City Professional Diver - Small Tweaks to Make Perfect Watch

    Last year, I finally bought this watch that had been languishing on Chrono24 for at least a year, probably longer:

    I sold my only yellow-dial diver and had been watching this one. The dial should look familiar: It is nearly identical to the vintage Jenny and very similar to some vintage Doxas. The case is the same as the Heuer Monnin and the scores of similar versions by other manufacturers later. The bezel is the classic bar-ridged type with the black epoxy/resin filling that often is referred to as Bakelite but actually is not. The movement is an ETA 2772, the 21800bph version of a very strong line of movements.

    I had hesitated buying it because one of my peeves is crowns that dig into the top of my hand. My wrist is small and watches wider than 40mm across with crowns at 3 o'clock tend to be uncomfortable. Late last year, I tried on a Heuer 980.006 and lo and behold it was comfortable! So I immediately struck a deal and the the City Professional was mine.

    And then I realized the Heuer 980.006 crown is much smaller than all of the other versions.

    Because it is NOS, the crown is unworn and its edges sharp. It dug into my hand uncomfortably. I reluctantly traded with a friend.

    But then I traded back. I had ideas of putting it into different cases. Luckily, none fit. I was getting desperate. I finally decided it was time to modify, so I carefully filed down the edge of the crown and installed a thicker caseback gasket. A little height and less edge equals a comfortable watch.

    The next step was to get a jubilee style bracelet with round end links.

    Finally, a set of snowflake style hands arrived last week:


    It is nice when a few small adjustments makes a watch exactly what you want it to be!

    If you are interested in City Divers, this is as much as I know, offered by Eric "Denke" on TZ-UK:

    City is/was a Swedish brand that was owned by a company called JP Brandt AB in Stockholm. Brandt was a importer of Swiss watches and City was their low end (not in a bad way though) watch brand and the City models were also branded Facit, Moretime, Nilax and others during the 60's and 70's.

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    A great improvement! And the adjustments you made were so minor.
    UR4 scuba?


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      Nice mod


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        Cool old watch. The crown tweek I understand and have done similar but would prefer the original hands personally. I would probably find a vintage ricebead like I did for my Snorkle and Dolphin, thy are not cheap but can be found. It would add to the whole vintage appeal for me.
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          Very cool vintage! Nice work!


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            Really cool diver! Thanks for posting!

            They've done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works every time.


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              I like it. Those snowflake hands really get it going.

              But even this wears off in time.


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                Nice mods, D. Yellow rocks! I'm not a bracelet guy, so an old tropic would have been more to my taste. From the comfort standpoint I understand your choice.


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                  Originally posted by mosswood View Post
                  I'm not a bracelet guy, so an old tropic would have been more to my taste.
                  Hey Jon, I had it on a Tropic for a while. It does look nice with the contrasting black, but I think these cases look the biz with a jubilee-style bracelet. I tried all types of combinations, and my preference is the current bracelet first and a Tropic second. But I completely understand what you mean!