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    Remember Roland, you did ask...

    now that I look at it again, can't say I care much for the hands either. That seems to me to be the weak link in many of your watches. Passed on the Sea3 & Professional Pilot because of the hands.


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      pretty classy indeed


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        I like it alot,...

        but have just a few comments. First off, I think it's a good solid design. Very purposeful looking, but isn't as "Cold" as some of the other divers we are seeing, Kobold, UTS, Sinn to name three. Sinn being the best looking overall of those three to me. Another watch I want to compare it to is the Stowa Seatime, but I think the RGM beats the Seatime in the "tough" looking department, some of the lines on the dial of the Seatime soften it's look a bit for me, making it more of a fashion diver.

        The RGM tends to walk that line between good looking fashion and tough, kinda like Rolex does, though I'm not really a fan of the Rolex look. (too small and thin)

        1. I'd kern the 10 minute marker a bit tighter to match the other bezel numbers.
        2. This watch needs a custom rubber strap.
        3. The second hand, Brandon's orange tip makes it sing.

        Overall, I wanna hold one and try it on before I buy it. This may be the next watch I purchase, and I keep the watches I buy. I'm no flipper.

        Great job RGM.


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          I like it. You did a lot better job on your watch than Doxa did on their Seaconquerer in my opinion. Good job man. I like the styling, it is modern, but with some classic slants. Any chance of a close up on that dial?

          I need a new watch


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            Came back to look again. Read all the posts... lot of good commentary going on.

            Here's what I say on the bezel.... I really really like the thickness, width and height of the bezel itself. Very hefty, and my style. Would like to see the insert have the indices below the numbers on the bezel removed, and put the number only. That would make the numbers slightly larger, and more effective.

            I'd like to see bigger indice markers.... no stubby type markers... large circle and triangle set up, loaded with lume. Not a big change there. And just my opinion. I have to wear reading glasses, so I prefer larger 5 minute indice markers.

            I love a colored tip on all sweeps on divers. It works so well. Check the Sinn U1, the Omega Seamaster Pro, the Marathon SAR, and a version or two of the BP FF. The unique sweep hand on the Doxas really adds to the package. Quite frankly, I think the wild sweep hand on the Sinn U1 adds to, and completes a very legible, very interesting, very purposeful dial. It adds a design touch that increases interest... and functionm making it "it's own man". Adding a little color just seems to add major league interest to the dial.

            Regarding the bracelet, I'd like to see a classic. Something unique, too. .... Not the standard 3 link "oyster" bracelet. A real beads of rice bracelet, as suggested above, would be very cool.

            Like Johnnymossville, I'm no flipper. I keep my watches. Having the ability to offer a little input is a very nice deal here. Good luck with it!
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            "Just as watch collectors are keepers of a tradition of a mechanical art, so too are dive watch owners keepers of a legacy of rugged instruments that accompanied man on some of his greatest adventures. Wear your dive watch proudly."


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              Anxious to see more of it. I really like it and think it is worht the wait. I have no complaints. Also curious to see the braclet and have a ball park of pricing. Bravo Rich. Nicely done.


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                Wow, great looking watch! :-)


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                  If everybody liked the same stuff...

                  At first I thought it too derivative and the bund style dial has never looked right to me, but looking at it more closely I suspect that the hand detail would pop out more in person than on a monitor.

                  So suffice to say I'm interested in seeing more. A lot will depend on price point; as the pricing escalates those small things that may not matter to you before start to niggle too much, and similarities to lower priced competition start to bug you.

                  In any event, I really couldn't say if I would buy one or not. We've only seen one photo so far, and that one not a close up. I gather there may be some final alterations for RGM to shake out as well.


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                    Upside to all the free critique is that when one of us say we like something, you KNOW it isn't just being sycophantic. I've seen a few fora where criticism of the sponsoring brand is quashed; in those places you really can't be confident of any praise though.

                    Of course it can't hurt to be a little more gentle than normal when critiquing something directly to its progenitor. Most of us are not too receptive of negative comments about or children or our creative endeavors, we would do well to put ourselves in the creator's shoes before typing in our comments.

                    My bet is that some more detailed shots, including on the wrist, and in different lighting, will win over quite a few.

                    Besides, I've not seen any mention of pricing yet. People are much more critical of a $4K watch than a $400 dollar watch.


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                      I like it and my guess is that it will have good lume. Looks like a winner to me.


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                        WOW - Thanks!!!

                        I really appreciate "all" your comments on the new RGM Diver - More pics to come from our Moderator's next week - wait till you see the side shot - this thing is super thick - Up close images plus much more.

                        Thanks Again -



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                          Rich, make sure to throw in a lume shot or two for us glow junkies.


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                            Hi, Murph

                            Thank you for your comments. I now withdraw my question.


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                              tough crowd

                              man, you guys are TOUGH.


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                                Well it's a BIGGUN, that's for sure!

                                Unfortunately in my old age I find I need a dial of at least 30mm or I am forced to get out my Gregory Pecks to see what time it is. It looks like the dial on this one is about 28mm but of course I could be wrong. As I tell my wife I was wrong once before. (1st marriage)

                                I wish you guys the best of luck with it!