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    Default Welcome to the Original RADO Discussion Forum!

    Hello all,
    It gives me great pleasure to announce that (EOT) is now the home of the world's first English-language on-line forum for the discussion of Rado watches.

    The focus of this forum will span watches made by Rado (~1950s until today) and even watches made by Schlup & Co. before the advent of the Rado brand.

    I hope to invite some special guests to drop by and visit, and will be announcing new products as well as premiering articles on vintage Rado watches.

    Please feel free to drop in and join the fun. If you have a vintage Rado watch and are seeking information about it, please post the reference number (it will probably resemble these: 11757 or 672.0090.4), the model name, and any photos you can provide. And, as always, we love to see interesting Rado watches!
    Best regards,
    Brad "Brad-O" Jacobs

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