I going to have to learn how to take car pictures. One thing is for certain, they come out better in the shade. But, shade is scarce in CT in March.

Most of the folks on the MINI forum name their cars. I haven't even decided the gender of mine yet. But, if a girl, I'm think I might call her Pam.

<img src=http://www.chronosmith.com/images/MCS/Front.jpg>

More pictures at the link. Click once to enlarge, twice for full size. Better pictures to follow once the new wheels are on and I figure out how to take a good picture of something larger than a watch.


The car is magnificent. I am SO glad I did not get an '07 ...even my wife and kids thought it was ugly. And the sound this one makes is so sweet ...the whine of the supercharger, the growl of the exhaust, the go-cart handling ...its the real deal and well worth having waited five years for.

Thank you all for putting up with me while I waited. I really appreciate it.