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Thread: Many thanks to Andrew for the LR history!

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    Morning Mike, an interesting theory.

    When you say that you dont think Louis Petitpierre was a link were you referring to Fritz Petitpierre or the louis Petitpierre listed alongside Fritz Petitpierre when he was listed as a metal polisher in 1873?

    'Louis Rossel' could well have been named after the last owner of the company, or his son, or the French Military Figure, or after a watchmaker from the 1700's that he had admired as a child called Louis Pierre Rossel 1755-1765 (taken from 'Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the world' Authored by . G.H.Bailie.) or it could have been pulled from the air because its a great sounding name. Louis Rossel wasn't an unusual name in the area (Louis Rossel watch pictures from the 1800's below)

    History can be pretty much what you want it to be and when information is scarce...and...contradictory, it becomes even more difficult to nail it down and say 'this is fact' so theories abound. I have to admit to having a few theories of my own but tried as much as possible to stick with information that I could cross-reference, which didnt always work out either because the official legal process wasnt always carried out properly and names, addresses and makers marks changed so rapidly at the 'cottage industry' end of the watch making market and there are still some huge discrepancies with dates and validity of information, and finding anything reliable was like trying to knit soup...very frustrating.

    The Rolex thing is, it would seem, is going nowhere. Over 340 hits on the Rolex forum and no one knows anything about it other than there are dicrepancies in the lettering on the face, the sub-dials appear flat instead of impressed (which may be over exposure at the photography stage) and the movement doesnt match other 3525 movements. If it is genuine it is more likely , i would think, to have been made for a wealthy admirer of the famous French Military figure than for a reasonably poor watchmaker, however I am happy to listen to any theories and anyone's offer of more information to make this lineage as water-tight as possible.

    If EOT members keep dropping bits of info that they come across into here, we will either slowly build a more solid picture or become ever more entangled in a blurry history of this particular brand name. Either way, keep the theories, pictures, hyperlinks, suggestions coming please.

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