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    Default Louis Rossel -the history

    The History of Louis Rossel.
    Whilst trying to collect information on the history of Louis Rossel I have found much of which has been contradictory or inaccurate purely because there is so little reliable information out there and what there is has often been incorrectly referenced or assumptions have been made. As such I have tried to present this piece as accurately as possible by cross-referencing information from the Watch Museum in Switzerland and from specialist collector’s websites and Historical literature.

    This is a research and reference piece for the E.O.T Forum members and it supplements the huge amount of work already done by Senior members of E.O.T. and is essentially a look at what happened before Louis Rossel came along.

    Whilst it is not complete and I cannot guarantee that all information is absolutely correct and accept there will be other pieces of information still out there, I feel that this will be the most concise and historically correct overview of the beginnings of the company and its history up to Louis Rossel available at this time.

    Firstly I must thank Isis Joliat, Librarian at the Musée international d'horlogerie in Switzerland and credit the Museum for all the additional information and images that I have used to build as accurate a picture as possible. They have given permission for much of this information to be used and also confirmed several other pieces of information that I had already collected as being correct. There have been some items that I do not have permission to put in the public domain.

    The Musée international d'horlogerie can be found at:
    Rue des Musées 29 CH - 2301 La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland

    I must also thank and credit:
    The Neuchatel and Jura online Libraries ‘Bibliotheques Neuchateloises et Jurrasiennes’ for free access to the library for research purposes.

    Kathleen H. Pritchard, Authoress of Swiss Timepiece Makers 1775 – 1975. West Kennebunk, Maine, USA for excerpts from her book used to support this piece. Her excerpts will be credited within the text.

    Phil at for their license to use historical references to watchmaker’s and jeweller’s marks, and the images pertaining to them.

    David Boettcher at ‘Vintage Watch Straps’ which is much more than just watch straps! for some in-depth information around the business ventures of the founders of what was to eventually become Louis Rossel.

    Historical Clock & Watch Research for their photo of a watch made by Fritz Petitpierre taken by Sean Cole. Their image may not be used for financial gain.

    Finally I would like to thank Henry Krinkle at E.O.T for introducing me to Louis Rossel, for support during the writing of this and for providing the photos of the Louis Rossel Watches used at the end of this piece.
    ___________________________ ________________________

    Every attempt has been made to credit the authors of information and the images used and I would ask that anyone wishing to use excerpts or images to contact The Administrators of the Equation Of Time Forum (E.O.T) in the first instance for use of our images and the appropriate owners of other information and images for permission and to credit the original authors and/or providers of that information, for the use of these excerpts/photos.

    The photographs of the Louis Rossel watches at the end of this piece remain the property of E.O.T forum members Henry Krinkle and Grantag.

    Louis Rossel Images used in the other original E.O.T Louis Rossel threads all belong to the respective E.O.T members and as such remain their property and cannot be taken and should only be used for research/ personal interest purposes.
    __________________________________________________ ______

    Finding the Information

    I originally thought that the story began with Petitpierre Co (no space between Petit and pierre and a lower case ‘P’ for pierre) because that’s what the official history line tells us but it wasn’t to be quite that simple.

    There are obvious challenges with researching information in another language however things become very murky when a name like Pierre is involved and I obviously came across many examples of Pierre in the French language. Further confusion arises when more than one Watch Company uses the same Trademark as the one being researched which is very frustrating and leaves some questions unanswered re: the validity of some of the information.

    In Switzerland at the time there were hundreds of small start-up watch making ventures, often family run, who would change location, sell /buy Trademark names, go out of business, re-start a business, or a business partner would re-name the business and start alone under a different name whilst not always following the correct protocols for registering a business, or simply re-using a trademark logo and changing the name underneath it.

    Searching in Switzerland for a Swiss watchmaker who had a registered business in Switzerland wasn’t as straightforward as I had thought.

    In fact the story didn’t start in Switzerland at all
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