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Please read - or reread - my thread below (11-21) about changing our name. It contains some important points, including two new possible moderators and a request for another. I'm requesting that everyone comment here and say what you really think - no holds barred. If you have suggestions, make them. If you have possible moderator names (especially your own) tell us.
Hi George,
Thanks for all your effort to fine-tune the maintenance of this wonderful corner of EOT. I consider it to be a key element of what makes EOT great for all sorts of interaction, so am glad to see the users taking ownership. I have no suggestions as to who should be an additional moderator--other than to say the Mods should be folks who feel invested in the forum. Since you volunteered, I'd be glad to make you a moderator. All such fora should be so lucky to have as moderators such knowledgeable, dedicated and long-serving members with the integrity you've exhibited.

Likewise, TKite, thanks very much to you for assenting to become a moderator. Your participation over the years has been very valuable.

@Jaimie can promote you fellows (or I will do so, after hours, when I can find a moment to log on to the Admin panel)...and Chris or Henry or I can inform you of the responsibilities (not many, as you can imagine of such a laid-back site).

If there is a 3rd volunteer (or nominee), please feel free to discuss, or send a PM to George, TKite, Chris or me if you prefer a less public discussion.