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I'm with you - we are going tomorrow night. Need a new range (gas!), fridge, and dishwasher. I am hoping the store I am going to might give me a package deal. Some do that.

As to that Glycine, I have to have one. I got another similar one by Glycine back around July, but it had a GMT hand that was 30 minutes off and you cannot adjust it - so it went back for a refund. I should have just gotten one like Georges from the get go. Now I have the new Sea Dweller, so I have to kind of push back my 'wants' for a while. I do want to get one as soon as possible though, I do NOT want to miss out in case it fades from existance.

I think you made the right decision. I doubt Rolex will keep making the red letter SD for too long. You definitely have something special there.