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Brad , i have a very eclectic taste in music , i think if a phsychiatrist were to look at my record/cd collection they wouldnt know where to start. I always confuse the algorithms on websites because they think they can work out what i 'would like to buy' based on my choices.
So i will listen to Sabbath then Queen then Elbow, Stone Roses, Kraftwerk,Zeppelin, Kasabian and the Arctic monkeys all in one sitting and a mixture of many other different Genres in another sitting but I do particularly like Pink Floyd.
Re: Big Big Train i like Second Brightest Star and Spectral Mornings. re: XTC i remember making plans for nigel and sargeant rock were quite big at the time.
I'm with you--all over the map!
We should meet up and chat watches and music. Your recollection of XTC is much like mine...Nigel, Mecchanik Dancing, early stuff.
How far are you from Macclesfield, East Cheshire? I'll be over there in February.