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Thread: Rado reference number movement codes.

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    Default Rado reference number movement codes.

    As most of us have discovered, one of many indicators to authenticity is matching the first three digits of Rados long reference numbers to the movement in the watch. Mike 184 has a pretty thorough list over at his mission Rado site, but in light of the ongoing image drama courtesy of Photobucket, perhaps it would be wise to build our own here. Lets post our numbers in this thread for the time being. I will link this post in the Rado Reference sticky and once we have built up a good sized list we might impose upon Dave to make it into a spread sheet.

    Lets post the first three digits of the reference and then the movement number. I will periodically combine them into a single post in numerical order.

    Here is a link to Mike's page with a very good list of reference numbers.
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