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Thread: Learning to Service and Repair my own watches

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    Default Learning to Service and Repair my own watches

    Morning all, I hope that our American cousins had a great Thanksgiving day and our Australian cousins get a surprise at the Gabba from the Pommie underdogs
    After much advice, many words of wisdom and kindness, Tim, Henry, Kevin, Scott, George, Brad and others (an all round bunch of good blokes) have started me on my path towards being a Rado geek...cough ,cough ... ahem ...sorry Rado Collector. I recieved my very first Rado all the way from the land of the rising sun and will post piccies later on today.

    On to repairs and servicing, I have decided to take a watch repair course. After some research i have whittled it down to a couple of courses , one is an online course and one is DVD based. I prefer the idea of DVD because i will always be able to refer back to it. These courses typically cost around 200 quid, 350 Aussie dollars, 266 dollars US, (some are cheaper) . I will make my final choice this weekend and take the course then feedback to the forum on my progress.
    If someone has already bought such a course on DVD and no longer requires it please give me a shout before i sign up for a brand new one and i will buy it from you.

    Words of wisdom are always greatly appreciated so if you have anything you would like to offer up in the form of advice re: my next steps please feel free.
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