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If possible it would be great to at least get the pictures back up for Marcus' tutorial threads.
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Yes mate, perhaps a selected re editing of some threads would be a good plan to start with. We can probably all access Marcus' photos on photobucket, however he's the only one who can edit the threads........hmmm maybe Henry and Brad can too, it all takes time though. It would be good if a bunch of legal types were caught up in this photobucket scam, maybe they could get a multi jurisdictional class action up and running! I bet the photos would reappear like magic.
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The problem is i would have to download EVERY SINGLE pic from the Photobucket photobucket site manually, there is no package download awailable . Has the same issue at Imageshack..
I think there are about 4000 pics stored there and i am really sad about it how the bucket site is acting. How many forums must have been destroyed for the same reason?
If you could get the phtos back for these threads Marcus, we could load them directly to EoT via the uploader and then put links to them into the Resource thread. A post there with links to these and some of the other good refurb threads might also be nice inspiration