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    This week’s watches started with what is probably my first genuine Rado, a ’72 Manchester Sapphire. I can’t remember the last time I wore this, so I thought I owed it some wrist time. I had it on all weekend and it was still there on Monday. It’s actually very comfortable and has a larger than average dial for Rados of that period, it’s encouraged me to look for a better example.

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    A big jump to Tuesday’s watch, this is one of my most recent acquisitions and although these are generally referred to as XL’s, IMHO, this one is really a modern DS 8.

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    Wednesday’s watch is another big jump, 2002 back to 1962 with this DS 0, it’s the newer of two I have (judging by case number) and still runs quite well

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    This one arrived in Thursday morning’s mail along with some others. It’s a standard Balboa I bought as “not working”, primarily for the clean dial and smooth 7 row. I gave it a wind and it started ticking, so I put it on only to have it stop after about 20 minutes. I opened it up and was surprised by a fairly clean looking GP ETA 2783, turned out the retaining screws on the rotor gear were loose so it wasn’t engaged, needless to say it’s now running strong again.

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    Something very special for Friday this week. I’ve been chasing one of these for quite a while and have failed to win a couple of auctions that were in reality being fiddled by the seller, on both occasions the watches were relisted after couple days, very frustrating. I wish I’d have been cashed up when Brad was selling his, it would’ve been great to keep that one in the EoT family, alas it wasn’t to be. I found this one in a “buy it now” listing and although it’s not as pristine as the ones I’d bid on with box and papers, I felt the price reflected that, it was about $120 less than I’d previously bid to. So, having watched it relist twice, I decided to take the plunge. Number 297/ 600 and in an added bonus the chronometer certification number starts with 40 and ends in 62, quite appropriate. Enjoy your weekend EoT’s.

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