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Thread: Forum regulars please provide your opinions...

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    Default Forum regulars please provide your opinions...

    I realize the activity on this forum has dwindled, as has participation on the WDF.
    We've lost a couple moderators, and have seen decline in the vibrancy of this community. Things change, people's priorities are inevitably altered.

    With this in mind, I'm in discussions with the site owner about revitalizing things...including focusing on improvement of our strong points and cutting out what we don't need. This forum is a key component of EOT. IMO, It deserves a dedicated moderator who knows the topics we care about, and can help keep things going. To me, that's an obvious need. Please provide your input on what else you would like to see from the DWF and EOT. More details on changes that are coming, and your chance to influence the changes, can be found here:

    I really appreciate your guidance here. I like this forum, but am usually quite busy participating on the Rado forum, and don't get here as often as I would like.
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