Dammit Rado, where is my Captain Hook?!

All I got was this crappy thing:

Funny thing, this new Captain Crunch or whatevs reminds me of something...

... But I cannot quite place my finger on it.

Ah well, I can just enjoy this Captain America or whatevs. What do you think of this combination?

The lug width on the Captain Marvel or whatevs is 19mm, so it wears an 18mm strap until I can figure out what to get. The stock strap is much too long for my wrist. I have a 20mm Perlon that fits, but it is black and seems much too plain for the rest of the watch.

An interesting dilemma arises, one which I attempted to address: Should posts about this Captain Courageous or whatevs be in the Rado forum or the dive watch forum?

Such difficult decisions.