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Thread: DS '0' DS1 anomaly.

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    Default DS '0' DS1 anomaly.

    We have long held that the change from DS '0' to DS1 was in relation to the use of the ss half case, subsequent research has shown that there are a lot of DS1's with what we would call a zero case, so, why? OH NO, here he goes again!
    Today I was looking at some case numbers of mine in relation to Kevin's recent arrivals and another of his DS1's with a zero case and a polygon cut crystal. What I discovered has given me pause to float another theory. I have 2 zeros, not identical, although both have bayonet case backs with the large seahorse logos and flat crystals, the hands and crowns differ. I also have a very early DS1 with square cut crystal and I discovered that the DS1 and zero case numbers overlap. The earliest of my zero's is #10395, the later is #112552 and the early DS1 is # 18255. So, very strange, its possible of course that someone replaced the cut crystal and case back on the later zero, I think, however that that's unlikely.
    I wonder if, initially at least, the DS1 type Diastar simply had a fancy cut crystal and the zero the plain flat crystal. Later examples with flat crystals, are of course, after the change to the ss half case and screw down case back.
    If possible EOT's, I wonder if you could help out by posting your zero case numbers, it's on the side of the ss case opposite the crown, you'll probably need a magnifying glass.
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