We've all got NSA clasps with broken or weak springs. I decided to try to make my own. After taking apart an old spiedel band to see what makes it spring back after stretching, I found these flat spring bars inside each link. They are the same width of each link. Had to find a band with links narrow enough that that would fit inside the clasp on edge. Modified the bend just a bit and put two back to back inside the clasp. Inserted a shortened link pin on one side and the spring bar one the other side and snapped it together. Installed it in the slider and works like a charm. Did two of them and found you can make it stronger by the amount of bend you put on the sides of the little spring pieces, just don't bend too much as they will snap. Hard to photograph because of how small the pieces are but I'm surprised how well it works. Now just have to find old spiedel bands with links the right width.Click image for larger version. 

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