About fifteen months ago I got this 1960 Longines, and posted these two photos of it, which showed how scruffy the crystal was:

Today I just got it back from a visit to a watchmaker. As well as giving it a well-earned service, he gave the case a go in the sonic cleaner, which has cleared the tarnish from the 9kt gold, and fitted a new crystal.

Not only was the crystal, which we think was original, very scratched, it had also discoloured, and was giving the grey eggshell dial a slightly blue hue.

The brightening of the gold and the clarity of the new crystal has totally refreshed the appearance of the watch.

My recently trimmed collection now looks like this:

1. main wearer
2. smart, modern, watch resistant
3. scruffy wearer
4. blingy occasional
5. alternative to main wearer
6. crazy occasional
7. delicate occasional