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Thread: DS1 & 1/E Spreadsheet.

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    Default DS1 & 1/E Spreadsheet.

    Here is the product of the data that was posted in the "Theory of why DS1/1/E" thread plus a couple I found in the "Rado cal v base cal" thread. If you have any DS1 or 1/E data please post it, you can see from the spreadsheet what we need. If you see your watch on the spreadsheet requiring data, please supply it if you can. If you have an AS movement and find a 3 digit date code like these! please post it, so far there are only 4 in the known Radoverse.

    Edit:Updated with data from Scotts collection. Perhaps we should include the Zero's in this. Thoughts? Also now including case numbers, so if your watch is there without a case number, post it if you can, I know they are hard to see once the back gets worn or over-polished, I had to use a jeweller's loupe to see mine. Not many DS1's with 8 digit ref. ? Please post more data!

    Edit: Latest update:The file became too big to upload so I converted to PDF, that was also too big, so I converted it into a JPEG.
    A pattern is emerging though, it seems they ceased using AS before the 8 digit ref started. It also appears that DS1, 1/E and DS1 8 digit ref. possibly all have consecutive case number.

    Click image for larger version. 

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