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"Oh, are you selling your Deltoid Hut-Dweller? Haven't you only just got it?"

"Yeah, it was the 3b and I can't have the money tied up in something I'm not wearing."

"Heh, that old story! How much of a hit are going to take on it?"

"Oh, don't ask...."
"That old story" - priceless.
I'm now realizing that I while I still have money for watches tied up in watches (it's a self-funding hobby for me) I also have money for cars tied up in cars (no longer is it guitars/basses--I'm good with the current rigs).
Two years from now I'll have money for univ. tuition tied up in all of the above, but the mortgage should be paid off, so perhaps I won't be in full-on sell mode. With luck the 529 will be of some help.