I've tried repeatedly to find the classic square / tank / rectangular watch that suits me. I've been creative, I promise I have, but have yet to find The One.

It started with a Langendorf from the 1920s that I picked up at a local flea market many many years back. I still have it, but I don't think it is intact. I cannot even find a photo...it's that old. This is a long quest.

Then there was this Eterna...really cool, IMO, but I think I needed the money for something else...

I dabbled with this bumper-wind US-made Elgin automatic. It's a rare piece and really neat, but just didn't tick enough boxes (durability, readability, size, accuracy...):

Not too long after, I obtained a very high quality replacement for the Eterna. This Zenith Elite Port Royal V (sounds like an aristocrat, or a racehorse, eh?):

It went its own way and I thought long and hard about obtaining a Roamer (about which I wrote an article for iW magazine) but they are very hard to find and quite expensive. Ultimately, I think it would not have satisfied me near 100%:

Around 2002, I obtained my first Rado...which I still have but, although it is truly an icon, it does not fit the "classic" criteria in quite the same way as some of the more traditional pieces.

Photo by Sam (OneSound)

This one really came close to meeting all my needs, but may just have been too dressy...I traded it for some classic clocks owned by our fellow EOTians.

This was simply too large. Insanely cool, but too large:

I took a stab at ana-digi, but this didn't last long in my stable:

Thus, repeatedly frustrated, I took a few years off from the quest, but now the next chapter begins.
Tune in Friday to see what arrives at Timely Manor...