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    Quote Originally Posted by Watch Carefully View Post
    I guess I don't understand the common dislike of date windows. It is purely aesthetic? Is it partly a refusal to fall in line with someone else's idea of time discipline (work calendars, etc.)?
    I'm often so focused on other things that I feel the need to have a date display (and I prefer center seconds, so tend to buy automatics).
    Please do enlighten me as to the reasons for a preference for non-date watches (especially Submariners).
    I can't speak for everyone, but my main reason is that the watches I like tend to have dials that have pretty textures, and the date window feels like an interruption at best, and a gouge at worst.

    I just typed "Longines Heritage" into Google and picked a watch at random:

    There are instances when I don't mind date windows in principle and that is on watch where they are a set part of the watch's aesthetic. In those cases, the absence of the date window would be felt. There's a recent (and quite large) Grand Seiko which has strong sporty styling and no date window and to me looks like it's missing an important part of its character.

    In the case of the 5722-9991 above, I think the design would be unbalanced by the lack of the date window - the fat lugs would dominate too much.

    Similarly I think my Casio would look daft without the date window

    In any case there's no attract texture for the window to inhibit. On the other hand this would totally ruined by a date window, the calm simple nature would be lost

    As for needing the information: on days when I need to know the date, I know what the date is, I'll be aware of it. If at other times, I want to know the date, I'm never far from a phone or computer.
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