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I don't know much about pocket watches, but certainly looks very unusual to see the twin pushers. The location of the subdials gives some idea how much free space there would be in that case.

Just clicked on the link. It seems unlikely that it would originally have had a display back?
It's an oddity, for sure. This style was made in the 1960s by various companies who apparently used the same suppliers but different dials. The one I owned also had a display back, so it's likely original to this one. I would guess that not a lot of companies were making hand-wound chronograph movements then (Valjoux and Landeron the main two) and very few made large chrono movements as would have been seen in older pocket watches (Minerva, Lemania, Hanhart, some other small producers), so one does not see a lot of pocket chronographs from that era.

The Swiss had moved into wristwatch production faster and with more variety than the Americans, so it seems appropriate that there were Swiss PWs powered by WW movements at a time the US was still making actual pocket watches (albeit only Hamilton, and they ceased in 1969).

It's a rare piece, but I would think the market might only value it <$1000. We'll see.