I set a personal goal recently and, self-indulgently, promised myself a small watch purchase as an incentive to reach it. Goal was achieved this morning and this arrived in the letterbox this afternoon.

The only other Chinese watch that I have owned was one of the very first Christopher Ward Malverns from about ten years ago. The Malverns were produced in Hong Kong and I thought mine was great for $175. This one cost only about two thirds as much at $110 delivered and it is also pretty impressive.

The fact that it is a copy doesn't bother me. I tend to think of it the same as Seiko copying the Rolex datejust or Frederique Constant copying Chopard. In any case, my first automatic was an Invicta 8926 so, clearly, I have form.

It arrived after 11 days from Tianjin. It measures 38mm by 9mm. The dial is argent and the sub-dial has an attractive shimmer.

No one seems to like the strap and it does feel oddly like plastic. I'll never use it.

I was concerned that this style wouldn't sit well on the wrist but I needn't have been. It hugs the wrist very well.

With drilled lugs spaced 20mm apart it invites strap changes aplenty. Thin flat straps seem to suit it best.