I've only been submerged in watches for two and a half years, but that's been enough time for some tastes to have changed, and for some shallow enthusiasms to wear themselves out.*

A couple of years ago at a G2g I saw a Chinese watch with a blue dial and was completely smitten by it. So I bought one of them. Then I had a chance to buy another nice little watch with a blue dial, Russian this time. Both are now sold, and I still can't work out if my enthusiasm for blue dials was all about the initial impact. If I had had a watch combining the best features of the two watches, I might still have it, and still be very enthralled with it. After all, a blue sunburst dial is very pretty.

I did learn from one of them that steel hands on a blue sunburst can in some lights be very hard to read. I would like to have a blue dial again some time, but am not sure how I should set my expectations. Are blue dials best suited to being pretty occasional wearers like this?

Or can they happily do a daily wearer job?

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