Der Amf's thread about his gray dialed CW and a recent acquisition of my own got me to thinking. Are gray dials under-appreciated?

To be honest, I've never sought out a gray dial and rarely give them a second thought. I've been pleasantly pleased when a black dial turns out to be a deep charcoal, but I don't know that I've ever wished for a gray dialed watch. And yet I find that I really am attracted to them.

I'm actually wearing the Max Bill with anthracite dial today and it is an incredibly dynamic dial.

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I've been sorely tempted by the gray dialed Aegir CD-1. The other variations are nice, but the gray outshines them, imo.

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I can't think of too many watches that are offered with gray dials, and I am starting to wonder why. Nomos had a series of 20 different gray dials to celebrate places in Germany and they currently offer a gray-dialed Orion in celebration of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

What are your thoughts on gray dials? Dull or dynamic?