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Thread: Scott's game, but for watches; 3,6,12

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    Default Scott's game, but for watches; 3,6,12

    Just like it sound. Scott's three song game for watches. If you had to reduce your present collection to three watches what would they be? What would your six watches be?

    If you presently own 30 or more- reduce that to 12

    Here is my three:

    Hyperchrome Golden Horse:

    P4110626 by hankblanc, on Flickr

    Stowa Antea KS:

    aaP1010193 by hankblanc, on Flickr

    NCC 303, gp version:

    aP1010493 by hankblanc, on Flickr

    My 6 and 12 collection will follow.

    What's yours?
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