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My Dad is a Vietnam vet and he has been rockin' the quartz I bought him from Servicemaster in the 80's God bless him. He is kinda tough to buy for. He was an IT guy for his whole career so kinda dorky and very intelligent. Could I buy him something very expensive like a Rolex sub; sure I guess but he has no appreciation of brand names per se. So... any ideas for him for literally THE most basic but good looking watch? Black dial. No sub-dials. No other jazz. Stainless steel case. He can do either leather or stainless for the strap. Can be vintage in age or a modern watch with a very straight forward look. I'm thinking given he is an average sized person something circa 38mm maybe? Probably mechanical watch. I guess would consider the right quartz. I will inherit the watch in time. That being said I want to buy for him and not for me. For those who understand he was one of the very few drafted out of college and is in his early 70's. Thanks in advance for the help.
Being a Vietnam Vet he may have an appreciation for a Zodiac Sea Wolf. It may be worth a shot and you can get info here -http://www.vintagezodiacs.com/

Good luck.