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    Default I've been Moderated.

    A TZ moderator sent me a nice note to the effect that she "cannot have you marketing yourself on TZ with watermarks of photos directing people to your website and having your website in your profile." Funny that--I have no financial/promotional intentions of that sort when it comes to my journalism. I write the odd article and hope to expand the community's knowledge and enthusiasm for watches by so doing. Many of my articles/reviews, etc. are done at the request of manufacturers and I earn little to nothing for most of them. My watermark is intended merely to keep eBay sellers from easily stealing my images, which has happened probably more frequently than I have posted on TZ's public forum.

    Dig this bit of wisdom: "I have about a dozen watch journalists and freelance writers who visit TZ regularly. None of them are allowed to republish their articles, link to their articles, market themselves, etc."

    If it weren't for the fact that I am addicted to learning and sharing information, and for a large number of excellent contributors, I would have departed that repressive scene ages ago. Thank you EOT, for remaining sensible and not becoming a commercial entity that feels threatened by every two-bit web site with a watch for sale or a writer on its staff.

    I keep hoping that TZ, as with Paypal, will become something once again that doesn't constantly p!ss me off. It was a swell place, last century. For now, I may end up simply using it as a sales corner, despite that forum's grave mismanagement. Maybe they'll just up and ban me like they did to Ernie.

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