Hi Bobby, thanks for the links and the 'history'. Well, no offense intended here when I said 'it's Chinese all over', and you solved the mystery that the watch is not fake but indeed a ligitimate Chinese manufactured piece.

Pardon my keyboard, it has the habit of omitting some letters as I type Anyway, at the third paraghraph you will read the correct 'HIRSBRUNNER'.

I know that Hirsbrunner & Co. Shanghai produced those excellent clocks and pocketwatches as I've also conducted my own search. So when someone sold the ladies Hirsbrunner watch to me I thought I struck a gold 'antique' piece. I just wonder until this day on the exact age of the timepiece so I can trace its provenance. Anyway, it is a worthy piece for our collection and my wife uses it whenever she feels like wearing it on some occasions.

Again, thanks for the 'history' and the photos. Kind regards.