For the Grumpy Old Men of the world of audio (of which I am a proud member), the downhill slide began when those evil, shiny silver discs were introduced ...and things only got worse when that lesser format was replaced by devices that store files. Now audio stores are all but extinct.

I'm with you on the watches 100%. I still cruise the SC now and again, only to quickly find out why I rarely do that anymore.

It seems the entire industry has its panties in a bunch.

Since I got my Kairos I've wanted a Chronoswiss deployant and strap. The strap that came with my Kairos was shot when I got it and a year later its even shotter (not a word, but you get my point).

I kept seeing ads for Chronoswiss straps that said "Dealers get $450 for these, my price $270."

I know straps can be pricey, but $450 for a Chronoswiss strap? No.

So, I called Chronoswiss and they would gladly sell me a strap for $270, which is MSRP. So, it is safe to assume dealer cost is around $135.

So, are these sellers buying straps at MSRP and trying to double up, or are they buying them at dealer cost and hoping buyers are fools?

After searching for a year I could not find a brown croc, 20/18 Chronoswiss strap from a re-seller (Authorized dealer or otherwise) for $270, let alone discounted from that. Having been well trained by AnotherDon and Sir Whichwatch, I will not pay MSRP for a strap.

As for the deployant, MSRP is $500. So, good luck with that.

Its disgusting.

There is a happy ending though. I found a NOS deployant and a black strap (95% condition), plus a tang and a pair of lug bars + screws on FleaBay for $260 ...for the whole shebang. So, I'll stick the strap on the SC, along with the other bits and pieces to offset the cost of the deployant.

I wonder if I should ask $270 for the strap?

Pat is right, things change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not so much.

For some of us (like me), change is almost always bad. I prefer things stay the same. Once I get comfortable, I like to stay comfortable. Change is almost always uncomfortable. Change is like a new pair of shoes spend a lot of time trying to make them as comfortable as the ones they replaced.