So, first off I've been waiting for a little over a month for a 7 row Rado NSA with Manhattan lug ends. No news, no shipping info, no nothing. This is shipping within Canada so it should take a week at the most.

Next I bought a brand new printing press about ten weeks ago. It was custom built and was expected to be 12-14 weeks delivery. I've bought from this manufacturer before and I like their presses and their service. I got a call about a week ago that it was ready to ship, Yay!, followed by another call at the end of the week. The press failed final inspection, Boo! Now I've got to wait another four weeks for a new bed to be built and then four weeks shipping. The real problem is that I have a huge job starting in the beginning of February that I hoped to run on my new press.

I think I may need to sacrifice something to Mercury- I have a brand new watch on order and if he is not upset with me, I may still take delivery before Christmas.