Ok, if, and boy oh boy is this a huge "if", if there were a ConvergenceMMX, would you come?

I'll lay out some ideas and some costs and if anyone is interested, a discussion could ensue. If not, next October for me will be nice and boring.

Brand new https://www.marriott.com/hotels/trav...t-penn-square/ in the center of town. Room rates run from about $125 to over $200 per night. Way more facilities than we need but it's nice. In the midst of downtown, walk to food, drink, shopping, art and music. 299 rooms and a convention center as well as multiple ballrooms and conference rooms.

Downtown Lancaster has changed quite a bit in the last few years. This a revitalized downtown with dozens of new restaurants, art galleries and shops. It's still Lancaster and most everything is closed on Sunday but otherwise, I think those of you who have been here before will see a remarkable change.

As for the watch industry itself, I would guess that getting sponsors would be tough unless we had a strong turnout (let's say 200 people, which we never had). Watch companies are notoriously tight and I don't doubt a difficult economy will be the perfect excuse, if not reasonable explanation, for not attending, sponsoring or offering prizes. All of which is to say, as I view it now, unless we get a lot of enthusiasts, we won't get a lot of watch companies to participate.

That said, it might be worthwhile just to get together and see each other (I think so).

Please let me invite you to discuss any aspect of this here in the posts below.