I was reading today that kids today don't understand the purpose of watches. Here is a copy of the article.

SARASOTA COUNTY - It's another sign of the times. Wrist watches may become a thing of the past.

For 16-year-old Chad Britton, he says he just doesn't have time for a watch. A wrist watch would just get in his way. "It's kind of like clankie on your wrist." Chad thinks time is running out for watches, especially since he has another way of checking the clock. "My phone. I always have it on me, so I just look at that if I need to know the time."

Chad isn't the only watchless person out there. Gregory Williams with the local Seiko the Company Store, says cell phones are ticking away the customers. "The cell phones...yeah, it can get in the way of watches because you have people young and old that come in and say 'well I don't need a watch because I have my cell phone'."

Is time running out for watches? Since 2005, there has been a 20% drop in the number of watches sold.

But Williams says it's new products that will make watches timeless again. "When it goes to sleep I can actually pick it up, give it a shake, and it will go to the correct time that is current." Watches that appeal to young technology-savvy customers. "Well, we have new watches that do more than just tell you the time now."

But for Chad, he says his clock is set on his phone and a watch just isn't for him. "Everybody's got their phone on them, so nobody needs watches anymore."

While watch buying may be down, the watch industry is still doing well. Recent articles show an improvement in the sale of mid-priced to high-end watches. It is the low-priced watches that aren't selling as well.
Where do you see the future of watches going? Kids today don't wear them or understand their attraction.... iPhones they get, not watches.