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    A list of RADO-related articles from


    Part 1 of International Wristwatch magazine Rado series:

    Part 2 of International Wristwatch magazine Rado series:

    Tiger Eye comparison review (Rado & Technos)

    INDIVIDUAL PRODUCT PAGES & REVIEWS (in rough reverse chronological order)

    2012 Golden Horse Chronometer HyperChrome (Prototype)

    2007 Golden Horse - Model R84.832.153

    2002 Diastar 40th Anniversary Chronometer

    2002 Diastar 40th Anniversary Accustar autoquartz

    1980 Silverlepor with Longines movement

    1980 Cologny

    1977 Diastar 54 Alarm

    1974 Automatic Alarm

    1974 Automatic Chronograph

    1974 Quartz

    1973 Diastar Magic 13G with Tiger-Eye dial

    1972 Electrosonic 23

    1972 Diastar 14 with goldstone dial

    1970s Balboa V with opaline Ammolite dial

    1970s Diastar 1 Chronometer

    1970s Balboa V Deluxe with blue stone dial

    1970s Diastar 515 with Tiger-Eye dial

    1970s NCC-101

    1970s NCC 505

    1970s Murano with red glass bezel

    1970s Eiger

    1970 Diastar 8/1 with lapis dial

    1970 Diastar 8/1 with goldstone dial

    1970 Balboa V with black goldstone dial

    1970 Marstron (black dial)

    1970 Marstron (silver dial)

    1970 Marstron (early model)

    1970 Marstron (grey dial)

    1970s Newtronic

    1970 Diamaster 10

    1969 Starliner Daymaster (35mm)

    1968 Starliner Date (38mm)

    1968 StratoJet

    1965 56-H Chronometer

    1960s Manhattan Mk. I

    1960s Lady Manhattan Automatic

    1960s Mini Manhattan

    1950s 25-jewel FHF72-4
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