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    Smile Chuckles are good......

    Quote Originally Posted by Bujumon View Post
    Sorry, I got a chuckle at this statement.

    magnetmandan, Please don't take it to imply that your prodcut
    is in anyway inferior, I just couldn't help.

    Peace: For Real,
    Hi Scott,
    No need to be sorry....shows that at least you took the time to read it. If we could chuckle at at least half of what life throws at us, we'd all be in a much better place.

    Michael's intentions for mentioning the label being "heavy duty" were to point out that nothing was spared in the design and production of this case. A cheap, paper-thin label would surely peel off over time, probably sooner than later. Didn't want to have the owner have to finish ripping off a half-peeled sticker. Either put a "heavy duty" label on, or don't put one on at all.

    And for those of you that think a label on the outside of a case would advertise something worth stealing, think about what you wear on your wrist--if you have a Rolex, Panerai or Patek, you are vulnerable to a muggin' just the same. Those who have some money invested in their timepieces aren't going to let this case sit on the passenger seat of their car.

    Anyways, this case, by no means, is for everyone. I think the market knows who is best suited to invest in a product such as the TimeTote. The orders and subsequent sales have already proven to be right on the money with our initial targeted market projections. But remember, even 6 $500 watches protected in a TimeTote justifies the expense for many watch enthusiasts.

    Thanks for letting me post :-)

    Cheers everyone!
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