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  • $#%@!!!

    So I spot a stupidly rare alarm movement poorly advertised and running under the radar on eBay. Have only seen 3 of these for sale ever.

    Watch it obsessively for a week.

    7:00 this evening it's only at $25.

    7:05 I'm cooking dinner.

    9:40 I remember that the bidding ended at 9:30.

    Run upstairs to check. Yep, it went for well under what I would have paid.

    Idiot! ^@!$*%!!!


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    I feel ya........

    Recently purchased a gold filled Vintage TV waltham for nex to nothing on the bay. Same night I fing a vintage watham box with inner outer tags, lifetime warranty MINT MIN MINT for .99usd no bids 8 hours left. I waited all day excited as hell and gonna put that last minute bid in under the gun. Anyways 4 minutes left no bids and guy PULLED THE PLUG ON AUCTION, I couldn't even argue with him, no bid what can you say!!!!


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      Ouch! Sorry to hear that... BUT...

      Vigillance will pay off. Last year I saw a piece I hadn't seen in AGES and paid exactly what they were asking. I was happy. A month later the same pieces were popping up everywhere at a mere pittance - one third of what I paid.

      Patience my man... patience. It'll be worth it and you WILL find another.


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        I've got one word for you:


        The software does work, the cost is low, and it keeps that from happening.


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          After having that happen too many times ...

          ...I signed up for:

          ...and have lived happily ever after.

          You know that you're over the hill when your mind makes a promise that your body can't fill.

          Little Feat




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            Living in a Van down by the river


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              Bummer, too bad you lost it :-(( nt]



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                Dinner is highly overrated.
                Major bummer :(


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                  I did that with this guy. Since it's a "keeper" it's easier not to look back.


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                    Yeah, I know...

                    funny thing is, though, I kinda enjoy that last 5 minutes and watching the clock tick down. I used to go to a lot of auctions with my dad as a kid, so maybe it's because of that.

                    Besides, I totally could have put in a bid before I went downstairs for dinner - I just figured "nah, I'll remember to come upstairs at 9." Then I got engrossed in the teevee. My wife had a huge term paper due Wednesdayy, so last night was the first time in weeks we could just sit and veg out in front of the tv, and I guess we took that too seriously



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                      hate that. I have lost a lot of good ones that way. one word of advice to make all of this anxiety go sniper. Has totally changed my e-bay experience since Brad turned me onto it a year or two ago. Now I don't get caught up in the frenzy and change my bid at the last minute, nor do I refresh the screen every .2nanoseconds to see where it is at in the closing moments. I can just sit back and wait for the e-mail stating whether or not I won, and if I do win, I know exactly what I paid.
                      "most things are NOS for a reason"