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Guilloche Blues

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  • Guilloche Blues

    Roland and I took most of the day to prepare the rose engine for some engine-turning of the RGM 107E , just finishing up the first dial which took me all afternoon - and the dial foot broke off and , now.....she is fini , can not bring it back - this will go in our sample collection......aarrrggg .

    Back to the rose engine......

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    All lost for one foot?

    I take it the foot mounts it to the Rose engine and cannot be re-attached so exactly that the guilloche patterns align perfectly?

    Major bummer.


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      exact match would be impossible

      I could maybe save it - but RGM standards will not allow - It would be easier to try to line up then take out that huge gouge in the track area. Like Roland says - I have learned more today....................its tru - over the past years Roland and I have grown remarkable in the art of Guilloche - I will be off to Germany to pick up a straight line machine in a couple months.