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W or G- new Cocktail Time.

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    Originally posted by Der Amf View Post
    Ah, that *is* good news Display backs also have something to answer for.... I love the idea of having a Cocktail Time just floating around Do you find your watches scattered around your home? Before I got storage sorted out, I would find my watches all over the place. I sometimes felt like a mad old woman surrounded by cats

    Ooh, 501 posts!
    Sorry I missed your post... it's been very hectic again.

    I do have watches floating around all over my house. There is no excuse because I also have multiple storage boxes for them. Although my storage boxes are also scattered all over my house. I have a tendency to take my watch off and set it down, particularly if I'm working on my laptop. My kids also move them around, which can make finding them very interesting at times. And every once in a while I will find a watch in a drawer after one of my cats has knocked it off the dresser.


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      Assuming the dial texture is identical to the original Cocktail Time, that gray dial should look amazing in person. The Cocktail Time dial is still one of the most dynamic dials in the light that I have had the pleasures of seeing. It has a fine line pattern on top of a larger undulating pattern.