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  • WorG: a welcome reminder...

    Sometimes I stumble across an example of the sort of thing that made a brand great, even if that brand seems to have lately lost its way. Zenith comes to mind, but today's example is Chronoswiss.

    Wind or Grind?
    The model is called Sirius:

    The movement is a modified Marvin caliber, exclusive to Chronoswiss:

    The entire thing appears to be very thin. It is certainly pretty.
    I'll wind it heartily.
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    Big wind!


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      That's lovely. Searching around I see there's also a version with the blue details in a plain silver-colour.

      It was only a few days ago I was grumbling about there being no small seconds manual movement between the 7001 and the unitas, and here we have this, looking perfectly balanced in a 40mm case

      Apparently, it's 7.7mm
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      Always eager to hear more


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        A big wind from me too, although I prefer automatics. This is a really nice watch.


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          Is that a new release? It seems so much More in character with their older designs than with their more recent offerings. Regardless, that is one very lovely watch. I may have to keep an eye out for one. If Martin Pulli still carries Chronoswiss, I may even have to visit his store to check them out in person.


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            HUGE wind. I've had a half-dozen of the brand and am a big fan of their finishing. Also like their honesty about the movements they use.
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              Not new, no.
              I remember reading some years back about the C.111 movement and the Marvin connection. I think that particular model has been out several years, but there are varieties of the Sirius line that are newer (and less pure?). They seem to be fetching a few grand on eBay. A quick look on Chrono24 shows them from $2500 (black dial) to $5000 (silver dial, blue markers), with a lot of other variants and complications. A nice used one for a couple grand would be a nice pick-up.
              Time is Money, except on Dark Side of the Moon


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                I've always admired Chronoswiss' designs, but when I've seen them in person, with a few exceptions, I was not overwhelmed by the quality of the finishing, either front or back...

                Having said that, I've always thought the Delphis was one of the most interesting and unique jump hour designs I've ever seen. I might take a flyer on one if I could find it in stainless as opposed to gold:

                Chronoswiss Delphis Steel.jpg


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                  Yep, definite WIND!
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