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  • Hamilton

    Here is a Hamilton in a new case , amazing movement , have a look at it gentlemen and let me know what you think.
    link :
    Have a nice Weekend everybody

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    Hi Peter,
    It appears that this is a 1930-1950s Hamilton 917, installed in a new case (probably Chinese-made, like Parnis uses), with a pretty well-done (from that one photo, anyway) repainting of the dial. The value of the movement: probably $100 or less. Value of the case: $75 or so. Cost to refinish the dial $100-150.

    Five hundred Euro is pretty steep, but if the dial appeals to you, this is probably something you will not find elsewhere.
    I've seen dozens of re-cased 917s (the 17j version of the series that includes 921, 923 & 945--the latter also 23j). It's a great movement, but not hard to find. They were all cased as open-face (lepine) movements, so they do not easily convert to wristwatches without a dial replacement/refinishing.

    That's the unemotional assessment.

    Subjectively, I think it is really sharp. I like the dial configuration and am a big fan of vintage movements being re-purposed.
    My RGM Ref. 222e uses the top grade of this movement class, but I think the 917 is just about as pretty as any vintage movement.
    If that watch has been serviced and the dial printing is as nice as you'd like, why not go for it?
    I'd advise looking at others, to see what kind of offer would be reasonable. I would think something closer to350 or 400 Euro is more like market price.
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      Thank you Brad for the expertise.
      The german text says the case was made in Germany and the dial also. With 43mm it is a bit too big for me, I just thought the movement with adjustments and jewels looks very good.
      Thanks again