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Totally unexpected new arrival.

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  • Totally unexpected new arrival.

    After work yesterday my wife and I were enjoying a cold drink in the sunny and warm back yard, a Steigl Radler for my wife and a Ste. Ambroise IPA for me. My wife steps away for a moment, comes back and says I have something for you and holds out a black box, who's shape I instantly recognize.

    "Where'd you get that?" Yeah, I know. I am that gracious.

    "X gave it to me, to give to you." X being a locally very successful racing driver that our business has sponsored for years (He's raced in some American regional Nascar series with decent results). He runs a pawn shop. In my town pawning stolen jewelry is almost impossible, requiring photo id and registration of the pawned item with the police among other things. I had helped him with some watches a couple of times and he remembered I had a soft spot for this brand. He told my wife to "Save it for a special occasion" but... everyday is special isn't it?

    The Ref 152.0347.3 is a heavily faked watch but everything checks out on this one, right down to the hacking ETA 255.111 and factory battery inside. My first modern quartz and my first watch with diamonds. Not the choice I would make, but I actually like it on the wrist and it is extraordinarily comfortable. This exact variant is still available in Canada.

    27mm X 42mm and all black ceramic. It is 7mm thick at it's very thickest but wears more like the bracelet which is less than 4mm thick. And who doesn't love a free watch?

    P6022209 by Hank Blanc, on Flickr

    P6022205 by Hank Blanc, on Flickr

    I find it kind of hard to believe that this is my first Rado from the late 20th Century classics, the Integral, Ceramica and Sintra. It's probably not a good thing that I find it as comfortable as I do, seeing as it is my least favourite variant of my least favourite model among those three.
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    You can add the R5.5 to that list Henry.


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      I had mentioned to Brad, that I might understand your feelings for the R5.5.
      Solve all your doubts through question mode.