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For Henry... Antea's Big Brother

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  • For Henry... Antea's Big Brother

    I've been wearing my Antea KS 41 and the blue hands inspired me to take a few lunchtime photos. I must admit that 41mm may be a bit too big for a watch of this design, but when I look at the back I can't imagine making it any smaller.



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    Beautiful Brian, just beautiful. I am glad that in the end I did buy the KS and not that one. It would be WAY too big for me, but I can still admire it from afar.
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      I'm not Henry, but I dig it, too!


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        I had a Nomos Tangente at the time this one came out, which is part of the reason why I went with the larger version. If I had it to do over again, I'd probably go with the smaller KS. For now, I'll just enjoy this one and its beautiful, expansive dial.

        It does wear fairly large and is pushing the boundaries of my wrist.

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          It's certainly hard to get the Unitas and like movements into anything smaller than 41mm. The American 10s movements are about the same size (~38mm, IIRC) and take up a lot of precious wrist real estate. The key is to build a svelte case that appears thinner/narrower, such as the Eberhard Traversetolo. The RGM 222 case, and cases used by Benzinger are chunky and do not give same the illusion that the Stowa's thinner lugs and thin bezel impart.
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            That's outstanding, truly. Not sure minimalism has ever looked as nice.