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    Someone bought this for $100,000.}

    I am a bit of a fan. I do own a few of their albums. In the early eighties I worked in a record store. One day this guy I went to school with walks in. He was a football jock ( I was a long distance runner) and he was now playing in a bar band. They did covers of Air Supply, Kenny Loggins, J Geils and the like. After we catch up he says " I want a record I've never heard". I make him buy Duck Stab? Buster and Glen. We stocked the entire discography of the Residents, by the way. The next day my schoolmate returns to the record store and buys every other Residents album.

    He still kept playing Kenny Loggins in the bars though.
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    Believe it or not, The Residents an dI have never been introduced. In all seriousness, why should I listen to them? I do want to know.
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      Hmmm... I am not sure at my current age that I would recommend them to anyone. They are definitely not for most people.

      Having said that: Why should you listen to them? They may be the oddest "band" you will ever hear.

      They were too odd for Captain Beefheart.

      Cracker has a song that includes the story behind the theft of one of the Residents eyeball masks.

      Phil Lithman (Snakefinger and Chilli Willi and the Red Hot Peppers) would likely never have recorded if it were not for the Residents.

      Here is their Wikipedia entry:

      If you choose to listen to them my preference is for the earlier albums. Like the Cramps some of their more recent stuff seems kind of samey.
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        I *LOVE* The Residents. I have a good portion of everything they've put out and that's saying something as their output is incredible.

        I had no knowledge of the "box set". Pretty funny. Thanks for posting that.

        As for why anyone would like The Residents? Uh, that's tough. Actually, I think most people will really hate them. I used to use a song from "Duck Stab" to drive people out of the record store at the end of the night (for those of you who are curious, "Constantinople" Here is a link but the visuals are NSFW, the music? I leave that to you to judge:

        It always worked.

        FYI: more or less, The Residents always perform and appear costumed. No one knows who they are.

        A friend of mine and I had this theory. It's not much of a theory, more of a "wouldn't it be cool if this true" thing. He always thought The Residents were Berkeley music professors who used The Residents as sort of a subversive back channel for their weird, creative ends. Either way, their music is deceptively simple much of the time. Their compositions are fiendishly well done. The overt use of unusual instruments and unorthodox arrangements hide that from the casual listener. The Residents music is frequently described as "anti-music" and it's as good a single phrase description as I've ever heard.

        But NONE of this is argument why you should like The Residents. No on *should* like The Residents.

        They are also one of the most amazing live bands I've ever seen. (here's a little peek at that: )

        Thanks for getting in the space to listen to them this morning!


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          And not to push this too hard, but their "Cube E, The History of American Music in Three Easy Pieces" tour was legendary (for lots of good reasons). Great album as well.


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            It is so unusual to meet a fellow fan. I toyed with the idea of going to see them in New Orleans last year.
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              LOL, looked it up on 'tube with safer graphics... the first comment is hilarious (whether you like the song/music/band or not!)...

              This is why people die and everyone is not sad.


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                Oh HK, you should have gone to see them. Their shows are amazing.

                And yes, Residents fans are not common, in so many ways.


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                  Capt. Beefheart found them off-putting?
                  That's saying a lot.

                  When I'm ready, I'll try them on for size.

                  Good point about later Cramps; I know what you mean.
                  Time is Money, except on Dark Side of the Moon