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Wind or Grind? Peek-a-boo...

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  • Wind or Grind? Peek-a-boo...

    F.P. Journe Historical Anniversary Tourbillon
    First thought that came to mind with this pic!

    hiding behind some wonderful work...

    can I call it boring?

    Yes, it is beautiful, but I am not inspired. Grind.

    The PWis much more inspiring to me...

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    I hate to be so shallow but I can't take anything seriously that is built around the "See No Evil" monkey.
    Solve all your doubts through question mode.


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      Full wind, if onlyfor the guilloche case work. That is a lost tradition.
      lovely, understated piece, IMO. Nice change oF Pace.
      Time is Money, except on Dark Side of the Moon


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        I'm having a hard time thinking of anything but the monkey now that it has been pointed out. I've been distracted by the case finishing in all of the pictures I've seen up til now. Maybe Journe will put out a complete set with the hear no evil and speak no evil monkeys.

        The rest of the watch is beautiful.


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          So close. If you hadn't posted the pocket version, I wouldn't have figured out what was bugging me. My problem with it is that they didn't push the functional part of the watch, the indecies and hands, out to the edge of the available real estate. The pocket watch does this, leaving the negative space INSIDE, where it highlights the piece, instead of detracts. Simple is so hard to do.
          But I'll sure wind the case and motor.


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            "So Many Watches / So Little Time"


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              That's a good point. The impossibly thin bezel on the PW is on the same scale as the dial markings. The wrist version's bezel doesn't keep that same relationship. Either a thinner bezel or a guilloched bezel may have worked better.