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Wind or Grind? Tortue Multifuseaux...

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  • Wind or Grind? Tortue Multifuseaux...

    Great googly moogly this is amazing.

    And yet it does more than offer UTC, the current terminology for a watch displaying two independently adjustable time zones that is often referred to as a GMT. While this function that has become popular since its introduction in 1953, the Tortue multiple time zone goes further: it belongs to the family of “World Time” watches.
    These much rarer instruments generally have a dial incorporating a mobile disc carrying the names of major cities which each represent a time zone. In order to lighten the design of the watch’s face, Cartier chose to have these names appear in a window cut into the side of the Tortue multiple time zone watch’s case middle.
    To avoid the need for mental gymnastics, the time at the current location is clearly displayed by the principal hands while the time at the journey’s starting point is indicated in a semi-circular aperture in the lower half of the dial centre by a day/night hand incorporating symbols for the sun and moon.

    This ingenious mechanism, controlled by a push button at 2 o’clock, allows the wearer to see the time, displayed in 24-hour mode, in cities corresponding to the 24 most commonly used time zones.
    As if that were not enough, the Tortue multiple time zone watch also uses an idea that was incorporated last year in the Calibre de Cartier Multiple time zone watch. It takes account of the change from Summer to Winter time in the countries involved and indicates it on another reference scale in order to keep the time zone correct during the seven months in which Summer time is in effect.
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    That is a hole in the dial that I can live with.
    Solve all your doubts through question mode.


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      Cartier is truly amazing as a watch manufacturer and IMHO doesn't get enough credit
      for what they've done !

      "So Many Watches / So Little Time"


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        Cartier does know how to make some beautiful watches. That is a great worldtimer dial and I like that they don't clutter the face with the names of the cities. I'm guessing they won't sell many of these in Australia though.