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  • Your thoughts, please.

    I am contemplating... (you know what's in my mind)... parting with some of the money. Do I really need this thing?

    Power 550W
    Distance between centres : 350mm
    Swing Over Bed: 180mm
    Swing Over Cross Slide: 110mm
    Taper: MT3
    Tailstock Taper: MT2
    Chuck diameter: 100mm
    Spindle Speed: 50 - 2500rpm
    Spindle Bore: 20mm
    Cross slide Travel: 65mm
    Chuck diameter 100mm (Integral spindle plate is 100mm and can take 3 or 4 jaw chucks - no adapter plate required)
    Range of Metric Threads: 0.5 - 2.5mm.
    Range of Imperial Threads: 12 - 52 TPI.
    Spindle Accuracy: 0.01mm.
    Size with packaging is L: 81cm W: 30.5cm H: 31.5cm
    Operating instructions enclosed.
    American circuit board
    180v DC motor
    Actual dimensions of lathe - 77 x 32 x 29cm
    Net weight/Gross weight : 42/45Kg.
    Includes dead centre, set of external jaws, tray, rear splash guard, set of hex keys, spanner, oil can. Several other accessories available
    240V single phase UK plug.

    Made in the U.K. and it looks good. At least, it is locally sold so no hazzle from customs 'gators'. It was pointed to me by a friend and I may need it for turning bezels, display backs, cases, etc. Will someone guide me back to my senses?
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    Tempus fugit...

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    I have even less use for one than you, and I think I need one of them. I don't think it's possible to have too many tools. Especially fun ones like that.


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      Yes, you need it.


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        It chops, it dices, it juliennes, it deep-fries, it cleans your kitchen floors and tunes up your motorcycle.

        Uh, what is it again?