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OT: Spotting Eagles on the Susquehanna River today...

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  • OT: Spotting Eagles on the Susquehanna River today...

    I took the family and dog on an eagle-spotting mission at Conowingo Dam on the Susquehanna River in Maryland (northeast of Baltimore) on a friend's recommendation. We saw at least six Bald Eagles (formerly endangered in this region, but making a comeback) and I actually managed to get a couple photos with three visible eagles perched on rocks in the river and another photo with two eagles flying near another perched on an electrical tower. 'Twas a beautiful, cloudless day with mild temperatures. Quite amazing.

    Images below and in the gallery linked here.

    Above you will see three Bald Eagles; click the image below for a larger version and see if you can find all 3 eagles in that shot:

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    Looks like a great day Brad. Even your pooch is grinning!


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      Great outing, Brad. It's nice to see the bald eagles.

      I remembered doing an outing with the family before I went to the Midde East in 1994. It kinda refreshes the morale. Like receiving a message from vBulletin: "All cookies cleared.", whenever you logout. It flushes the mind of the old routines left from previous work

      Hope you will enjoy the new job. Good luck!
      Tempus fugit...


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        Thanks, Jun. It was a fun day; a nice bookend to a long weekend to end my period working at the old company.
        Everyone napped on the way home (except your humble author). I expect I'll be rather tired for the walking and the combination of wind & sun that wears me out more than I ever expect.

        Some of the birds we saw today (I now know) are young Bald Eagles. I snapped a couple photos, but for clarity, below is an image I snagged from the Interweb. Lovely little beasties:

        Time is Money, except on Dark Side of the Moon


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          The community where I live has a pair of Bald Eagles that return and nest every year. This has happened for the past 10+ years ans each year they have raised from one to three Eaglets.

          Did you know that Bald Eagles mate for life? The pair that we see return each year are the same Eagles. They are impressive birds.


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            Cool birds!


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              Looks like a great day, and some really fine shooting.
              I've been watching a pair of bald eagles who live by our Lake Chabot walk.
              I was talking to a lady about them when I heard one's cry behind me. She'd not heard that they were there.
              I turned around and they were mating in mid flight, tumbling toward the lake. They'd break just before they hit the water and fly back up and do it again.
              We just stood there with our mouths open. The woman whispered: "whoa... that's holy"...
              Good luck in the new job!