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So, what's the worst thing You've ever done to a watch?

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  • So, what's the worst thing You've ever done to a watch?

    Snapped a bracelet? Cracked a crystal? Put the first scratch in your vintage "minty"(brand here). Share your tales of woe/ amusement here. If the stories are good enough I'll supply photographic evidence on my worst incident. Don't let the fact that my story will almost certainly trump yours prevent you from sharing your story.
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    I've poked a couple hairsprings into oblivion while regulating the movement. That's slip of the tweezers/screwdriver/pegwood and you suddenly have a tangled mess of blue wire and a useless timekeeping device. Also, I slipped once while installing a crystal (using a compressor) and the result was a mar on the dial finish and a kink in the seconds hand when it was violently pressed down to the dial surface.

    Dagnabbit, now I'm agitated, just thinking about it!
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      The worst was putting my brand new (Cellini / Waldorf) 'Trilogy Of Time' Chronograph in Rose
      Gold in my briefcase on Halloween Day in New York. While in Penn Station buying a return ticket to
      Phila. they called a track number for the Long Island Railroad. People were flying around
      everywhere heading for the track. I had my black roll-around case between my legs while standing
      at the Kiosk.

      I felt someone bump me during all the chaos (People in costume everywhere) and when I looked
      down the case was gone. It was all black just like a hundred others inside Penn Station. The
      thieves got the Watch (Ltd.Edition), pictures of the kids, credit cards, two finished presentations
      from earlier that day ... in short a nightmare.

      Blancpain said that undoubtedly the watch would eventually end up with them for service if it
      stayed in the USA. The USA President actually called me and told me it was added to the 'please
      confiscate' list worldwide at all the service centers. He felt sure it would eventually show up.

      Needless to say ... I'm still waiting, and I haven't bought a black case since that day. If mine had been
      any other color I 'might' have been able to identify it in all the confusion. Then again, if it wasn't black,
      maybe they would have targeted someone else.

      The worst part (other than the kids pictures) was that I hadn't added it to my insurance policy yet, having
      just bought it that afternoon.

      Lesson learned ! I should have called 'Nationwide' from Joel's office at Cellini.

      "So Many Watches / So Little Time"


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        I can't top any of these stories!
        As a kid I once drilled a hole through the crystal of a Timex automatic out of sheer boredom (funny thing is I recall that watch quite fondly! Steel case, blue dial...)


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          Got a promotion and a raise at a job when I was in my early twenties. Went out and bought a Submariner. Wore it every day for about a month. The one day I wore something else, my house was robbed. Of course it was only insured to pay off the financing on the watch, not for replacement. Lost a grand downpayment and a one month payment.

          I hope my former roommate enjoyed that watch. I sure miss it.


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            I'll post pictures of mine tonight or tomorrow. Pictures tell much more in my case than mere words ever could.
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              Watches & Heavy Machinery... gotta be good!


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                It wasn't even heavy machinery, but it is...uh...good...
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                  Omega 120m chrono just back from being refurbed an hour, gouged the crystal. Ouch! Broke a bracelet while on a cell tower and the watched dropped around 50 to 60 feet, cracked the crystal.


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                    So- here you go:

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                      Snapped a ceramic case in half? How!?? prying it apart? And to think I like(d) that watch!


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                        Unbelievable! You dropped it from the Eifel Tower?
                        Tempus fugit...


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                          Yikes. You need some crime scene tape and an outline of the victim where it lay.
                          That's scary sort of, what, why?
                          Are you OK?
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                            Nothing so exciting Brandon and Jun and I'm fine Brad, thanks for asking.

                            Do you see the half of a link in the top right corner of the first two photos? Do you note that the other half of it is missing? It is the first link that is fully free of the watch case and the most heavily tapered link. It has never been fiddled with. Unbeknownst to me it came apart. I was at work. I was swinging a screen into the reclaimer so my arm had a bit of velocity and was at shoulder height. It fell roughly five feet on to a concrete floor and exploded.

                            The end.

                            I have suggested to Rado that this is a warranty issue as the bracelet should not fail. I have not yet gotten a response.

                            My wife said "You're surprisingly calm". It's just a possession and my feelings are identical to the ones Brad expressed about the dead Milgauss photo. I may be unhappy about the amount of money I am likely to have to pay to fix it but I would be more upset if it were an irreplaceable vintage piece. This variant hasn't even been discontinued by Rado yet.
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                              Is it still running?
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