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OT; Banner day at Chez Hank

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  • OT; Banner day at Chez Hank

    I just signed my first contract that pays me to simply show a painting rather than sell it. It's only a few hundred dollars but the tour is designed to secure additional shows for the artists, so in essence SaskArt is paying us to promote our work. Not a bad deal, IMHO.

    Additionally, I'll be showing with some renowned Canadian artists. Never a bad thing on a CV.
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    Most excellent news!!!
    Congratulations, and here's to many more!!


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      Oh so modest Henry, I've seen your work you are a Renowned Candian Artist!!!! Congrats!!!! Can't wait for the next movement painting.
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        Excellent. Glad to hear it.


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          Thanks guys. It's kind of exciting, especially since I really slacked off in 2012. I generally only need the tiniest nudge to go full speed ahead, maybe this is it.

          Mark, this isn't just about me referring to myself as a painter, rather than an artist. At least three of the people in this show regularly get $10,000 or more for their work and have shown worldwide. This puts me, at least briefly, into a different category altogether.
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            Congratulations! Do you have any recent pieces to share with us?


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              I should...let me check.

              I went through a computer change but I did take some pictures of the pieces I did this summer. Which camera? There were not that many pieces though. After 5-7 years of painting nearly every single day I needed a lull. I'm getting an itchy trigger finger now, however.
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